iPhone Apps With Camera Permissions Can Snap Your Photo Without Your Knowledge

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Apparently, there is an issue with iPhone apps that have camera permissions. According to Google engineer Felix Krause, these applications could be capable of taking photos and video of your without your consent.

He has released a proof of concept of this being done on apps where they have access to the camera. These apps could probably access both cameras, take photos of you record video of you at any time and then upload these photos and videos.

OS users often give camera access to an app as soon as we get it (e.g., when you add an avatar or send a photo). These apps, like a messaging app or any news-feed-based app, can easily track the users face, take pictures, or live stream the front and back camera, without the user’s consent.

Hopefully, Apple will do something about this to secure peoples photos and also videos of them are not taken without their consent. For more information click the link below.



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