iPhone’s Slide-Out Gamepad

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iPhone's Slide-Out Gamepad

While there are a lot of physical controllers now available for iPhone, many of them tend to fall into the same problem category: they just aren’t portable enough to slip comfortably in your pants pocket. And what’s the point of a controller for mobile games when it can’t be mobile? The Razer Junglecat tries to make its case by avoiding this same pitfall.

Adopting a design similar to the premium feature phones of old (think Sidekick), the controller is designed to slip out from behind a case, allowing your phone to remain fully portable while giving gamers a functional tactile control system. Sure, the case adds a bit extra to the overall size of the phone, but the dimensions remain compact enough (5.9 x 2.5 x 0.7 inches) that it can still cram into your pants’ pocket. Read More



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