iRig Mic Cast: Voice Recorder For Your iOS and Android Devices

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iRig Mic Cast

We all have times when we want to record a speech worth remembering, Or an academic lecture for later review. Now you can buy iRig Mic Cast which can replay your audio in nothing less than crystal-clear quality.

This handy voice recording microphone spans under 2-square inches, making it a breeze to carry around. When you want to capture audio, simply whip it out, plug it into your device’s headphone jack, and start recording away.

  • Records high-quality audio on your mobile device or computer
  • Offers a mini-switch providing 2 different sensitivity settings for close-up or faraway sound
  • Fits most iPhone/iPod touch cases
  • Boasts ultra-compact profile allowing for maximum portability
  • Works w/ 2 free apps enabling voice recording/editing & multi-effects processing
  • Works w/ all regular phone calls & any VOIP app



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