iRoach RC Robot

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iRoach RC Robot

The iRoach is, just as it name reveals, a small robotic cockroach that can be controlled using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Attach the IR Transmitter to the earphone jack of your device, launch the app and your insect toy’s meanderings are at your fingertips. Control the speed and movements on the touch screen of your iOS device or use the accelerometer and control it via tilting. Scare the living hell out of your sister or let it run around in the office. It won’t walk by unremarked.

iRoach RC Robot

Product Specifications Main system Info:

Controlled by iPhone/iPod/iPad
Tun left/right/back/forward
Battery: Li-ion battery; 70mA, 3.7V
Using time: Aprox 20min
Charger time: Aprox 20min
Remote control distance: Aprox 10m
Main product dimensions: 75mm X 40mm X 35mm (L X W X D)
Main product weight: 21gr

Buy For $25 USD.


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