Iron Pipe Bottle Lamp Industrial Chandelier

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Iron Pipe Bottle Lamp Industrial Chandelier

This lamp was built as a tribute to an American classic and is featured on the “Man Cave” show adorning the Beam family home. Since they provided us with extra bottles we thought we would make another available here on Etsy.

The lamp is constructed from industrial style black iron piping. The bottles are firmly secured by custom rubber gaskets that grasp the bottle without causing damage. A low wattage bulb is used to illuminate the vintage bottle producing a warm ambient glow. Each bottle is etched on the inside in order to diffuse the light and can easily be removed by hand for quick bulb replacement.

The fixture is hung by 2 steel cables with hooks and crimps so the height can be adjusted. This creation also comes with a canopy that feeds the grounded wiring into a junction box.

This listing is ready to be fixed with Jim Beam bottles but can be customized to feature your own favorite brand.


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