Is 2020 a Trend for Mobile or Desktop Slots?

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The technological innovations in the past few decades have created unlimited options for the entertainment industry, and online slots are among the best examples. There are thousands of online casinos that provide various gaming and gambling options to millions of players from every part of the world. The competition among the online casinos is very tight, and they have come up with innovative software to make the online casinos easily accessible to the gamblers. With the casino titles available on smartphones, the gamblers can enjoy gambling on the go.


Introduction of Mobile Apps

With the introduction of smartphones, more and more people are using social media, and online casinos have recognized the change in the trend in social media use by the people in the last decade. This has led to the leading internet gambling sites to come out with apps to suit other devices other than desktops and laptops. This will offer endless opportunities to the gamblers. Earlier the gamblers had to depend on PCs or gaming devices like Xbox or PlayStation to enjoy their favorite games. 2020 will see a shift in gamblers using handheld devices rather than desktop to experience online gaming as they find it more convenient than desktop and laptop.

Mobile Games

More Mobile-Friendly Games

The year 2019 has witnessed a 37% increase in people using handheld devices for playing and betting. To adapt to this trend and to attract more people to use mobile slot machines and other titles, the casino sites have become more compatible. There are different Android and iOS apps available to experience the titles. To find out more about how to play mobile casino games, check Razor Shark slot demo. Only a limited number of titles were available to the handheld instrument users in 2019. It is expected that in 2020 more software providers will release mobile-friendly products.


Is Mobile Better than Desktop for Gambling?

Both devices offer similar gaming aspects. The development of HTML5 helped the sites to offer a wide variety of titles to suit the handheld devices. The various titles in all popular gambling categories are even available with or without a download option. The game software also provides dual optimization. One can opt for real money mode or free practice mode by logging in using any compatible device. Moreover, the slots or other gaming categories come with 4K resolution, which makes them appealing. The real money players can get payments easily through their smartphones just like they get it via desktop. So, what makes people turn to try out the titles on the move?  


Portability Is the Strong Suit

People use handheld devices for different purposes such as paying bills, reading the news, communicating through social media, etc. This small device now allows you to try slot machines when you are traveling in a car, bus, train, or underground. All you need to enjoy the offerings of your favorite mobile casinos is to have an internet connection. There is no need to confine yourself in the room to have access to trending games on your mobile. It is expected that more than 70% of players will depend on the mobile casino in the coming year. Mobiles are lighter than desktops and hence easy to carry in your pocket, and this makes it most convenient for game lovers to enjoy slots, poker, roulette, baccarat whenever they wish. Trying online slot machines is not a problem for anyone with a smartphone. It is easy to spin the slot reels and to toss the chips using the smart devices now.

Free to Play Games

This is the era of the internet and technology and every person is using handheld devices for communication and entertainment. The gambling world has changed with mobile gaming, and social gaming facilities started to adapt in recent years. Gambling sites are offering free-to-play gaming products to attract customers worldwide. People opting for these free-to-play options can become potential clients later for the mobile casino sites. When the number of these players is huge, the gaming sites can benefit from it.

Games on iphone

Interactive Options

One can expect more interactive games from online casinos to be available to smartphone users in the future. Earlier it was difficult to play some of the gambling options as these games were not very interactive for the phone customers. To meet the expectations of the phone users, online operators are using technological improvement to deliver interactive and engaging games to them. One can find mobile games with high-quality graphics offered by the providers to make the challenges enjoyable.

Motorola Razr

How Will the Smartphone Be a Trend in 2020?

You can see how gambling using smart devices is different from playing on the desktop:

  • They are portable and can be used at any time or from anywhere;
  • Mobile phone uses the data to play the games and hence no need for uninterrupted Wi-Fi, unlike the desktop;
  • The latest 4G and 5G phones offer better speed and hence are convenient to use;
  • Data cost is usually cheaper than the internet connection for PC;
  • No internet installation or connections required to enjoy slots and other titles on;
  • Handheld devices ensure privacy while playing;
  • You don’t have to worry about the battery of your device while playing as you can use power banks for a constant power supply.

mobile gaming

Mobile Gaming Is Changing

The early popular phone games were the ones that offered easy playing options and with repetitive actions. They belonged to more casual style entertainment. Later there were choices with more complex and entertaining graphics, and this required the use of the latest phones with advanced features. The slot machines for gaming are easily accessible even using a mid-range or entry-level smartphone. The online gaming sites offering top-end titles had enabled millions of people to experience the thrill of betting on the go. With emerging technology, playing games on the desktop can get outdated within the next decade.


Specific Smartphone for Gaming

There is no doubt that iPhones and Android-powered smartphones can run any game smoothly and can provide the ultimate entertainment to the user. There are a number of smartphone devices that are specifically designed to give a seamless gambling experience for the people using it.  They come with huge storage space and high-resolution displays to enable the players to enjoy every aspect of the game played by them. So anyone with a smartphone with impressive features will not have any problem accessing the slots or other choices available to them.


Wide Range of Gaming Options

Though the range of the titles on offer for handheld devices is a few steps back when compared to games intended for desktops, there is no shortage of choices. Online gambling websites offer at least 500 options for their on-the-go clients. Any gambler will not demand more than 500 games. The site providers try to give the latest slots and other choices like blackjack, roulette, and poker releases to the on-the-go gamblers. Hence, any gambler can find the latest and most engaging titles to enjoy during their free time. So it is arguable that desktops offer a better gambling experience over the convenience and privacy offered by handheld devices.

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