Is A 65 Inch 4K TV Good for Gaming?

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Screen size is a constant debate. Can a screen be too big for gaming? In short, the answer is yes. While it may seem that a bigger screen is better, the truth is, for gamers, a smaller screen is best. So, before you go out and buy a 65 inch 4K TV, consider opting for a smaller monitor with moderately high resolution for your gaming purposes.


Why Is a 27 Inch TV Better for Gaming Than a 65 Inch 4K TV?

Most desktop monitors range in size from 21 to 27 inches. Smaller screens can make the images harder to see, which can be detrimental to gamers. Larger screens, over 27 inches, can also have their drawbacks. Ideally, a gamer would be best using a monitor between 21 and 24 inches. Anything larger and you should be considering purchasing a TV rather than a monitor. 

When viewing a screen over 27 inches, the eyes cannot take in all the images on the monitor at once. This can be a challenge for an avid gamer.

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What About the Resolution?

If you purchase a screen around 27 inches, you don’t need a resolution higher than 1080 pixels; you would be wasting your money because the viewing screen at 1080p is already top-notch. There are only so many pixels you can cram into a small space.  

When considering purchasing a 2K or 4K, if you opt for a 27-inch monitor, take a step back and consider what the greater pixels really will offer you. The answer is nothing.

Now, if you do purchase a large television, such as a 65-inch, instead of a monitor, you will want to spring for a 2K or 4K resolution. While 8K TV’s do exist, the games themselves don’t look any different than a 4K TV; the gaming technology has not progressed as fast as TV technology, interestingly enough. Also, HDMI cables and other accessories needed are not the same as an HDMI for a 4K TV; they are not interchangeable as the data required to travel through the cables is larger. 


When Would a 65 Inch TV be Good for Gaming?

Unless you are having a gaming party and have several people playing in different areas of the room, there is very little added benefit to having television as large as 65-inches for gaming purposes. You would also need a vast room to make the viewing distance and the size of the screen compatible. The only thing you will get from such a large screen is eye fatigue because your eyes will need to be continually moving to take in the entire picture and images simultaneously. Is it worth the headache (pun intended)?

Just be forewarned, that larger screens add to the changes in response time and input lag, so not only will you be paying for a huge TV, you also will want to purchase a high-resolution set as well as one will super-fast speeds. Don’t forget the HDMI cables that you will also need to handle these increased speeds.

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