Is Augmented Reality The Next Step In Online Entertainment?

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Mobile gaming has transformed the industry over the last 10 years. Today, it, in fact, makes up over a quarter of all hours spent consuming media.

Most software developers are making the most of this, making games mobile compatible and ensuring every PlayStation release, comes a mobile one too.

Within the industry, technology is forever evolving and one thing we are on the cusp of is augmented reality. From gaming to television, and even adult entertainment, it’s expected that this really will be the next big thing.

The ability to put a subject in our own vision is incredibly appealing, with two-thirds of people interested in the technology according to a recent study.

It’s been tried and tested with the likes of Pokemon Go, which has amassed over one billion downloads, and we can expect that to seep into other genres and industries.

The adult entertainment world is always keen to adopt new technology, having already rolled out virtual reality significantly for both adult sex games and standard variations of pornography.

It has already landed in this genre, with the first version being released last year, offering a more immersive experience than ever before.

Augmented Reality looks also set to challenge how we consume television with a number of experimental titles expected to be released over the coming years.

Gaming is perhaps the most advanced when it comes to adopting the tech in entertainment. By 2021 experts are predicting major growth across Apple and Google devices.

For it to flourish on smartphones though, the technology of our devices will also need to catch up, with battery life a potential issue alongside better 3D capabilities.

Once that’s in place, we’ll expect even more AR arriving. It’s already happening outside of entertainment and in its simplest form.

Businesses such as IKEA and Wayfair are already using it within apps to allow consumers to visualize furniture within their home, and as we know, gaming is never far behind the rest of the world.

While Pokemon Go split opinion in its content and did suffer teething problems in the fact it was making people oblivious to the rest of the world, including traffic, it can’t be denied it was hugely successful and is paving the way for more of the same.

We can expect some movement this year, but over the coming years moving more and more into all aspects of entertainment. That’s going to welcome new, innovative titles, scenarios, and ways we consume media. And what’s more, it’s likely it’ll be here to stay.

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