Is Death Stranding coming to Xbox One?

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As we enjoy and roam around in the warm, post-apocalyptic world of Death Stranding playing on our PS4, we’re seeing separation across gaming communities – Kojima’s newest game has certainly proved divisive.

Gamers are gathering in their packs to support the out-spoken creator, whilst others line up to scrutinize some strange story and gameplay choices. For a game about the relationship, it really is ripping people apart.

But not everybody is a part of the debate: the game is a PlayStation 4 exclusive simple, and that means anyone who does not have the access to the PlayStation 4 has been eager to know when they can have to play the game – when they’ll get to encounter Kojima’s first ‘strand game’ for themselves.

There are no plans to release Death Standing on Xbox One.

The game was developed by Kojima Productions with the money and support from Sony, and as such is very unlikely to release the game on any Microsoft platform.

Till now we haven’t seen any Sony-published games release on Xbox consoles– even though the connection between Microsoft and Sony seems to be developing every day now they are allowing cross-play this year.

Thanks to a tweet on developer Kojima Productions’ official Twitter, though, we still don’t know when PC players will be able to play the crazy game from the creator of Metal Gear Solid.

Kojima Productions’ tweeted, Death Stranding will be coming on PC ‘early summer’ next year but that is not for sure.


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