Is It Cheaper To Build A Gaming PC Compared To Buying One? 

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You might think that building your PC is always much cheaper, but it’s worth remembering that OEMs and boutique PC manufacturers often get components at lower prices than you. 

To put aside the laptop argument (if you want a laptop, you have no choice but to accept what you are presented with), let’s look at what it costs to buy and build three different gaming PCs. 

The time and effort kept is worth the money and could also be a good investment for a more powerful game computer in the long term. 


So, is it cheaper to build a gaming PC?

When asking how much it costs for you to build your own gaming pc, one of the first questions that will come to most people’s minds is what type of processor they need to purchase to make the computer. 

It all depends on the kind of game you are planning to play, which will determine the type of processor you will need to purchase. 

If you are content with playing simple titles or the top games at lower settings, you can opt for cheaper parts. If you want more demanding gameplay, then the sky’s the limit!

The main components when building a gaming PC include:

  • Processor (CPU)
  • Motherboard (MOBO)
  • Graphic Card (GPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Storage (SSD or HDD)
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU)
  • PC Case

Each of these parts can be as expensive or as cheap as you want to go, but it is especially the case for gaming computers that the more expensive you go, the better your performance will be.

Of course, there are subtleties to this, but it is mostly the case that the most bleeding-edge technology, most notably CPU and graphic cards, require large amounts of money.

The flip side to this is that you will be rewarded with exceptional frame rates and smoothness on the top-rated AAA games’ highest settings.

There is also the factor of future-proofing that you should consider.


Benefits of building your gaming PC


By opting to build your own, you allow yourself to pick and choose precisely what specification you need.

If you are merely interested in playing single-player games such as World of Warcraft or other similar games, you don’t need to spend too much money on a computer with high specifications (although it does still help).

However, if you intend to play multiplayer games such as Call of Duty and others like this, you will want your processor to be of a high specification to handle the many options and aspects that come with these types of games.



By designing and building your PC, you will add in extra areas dedicated to upgrading parts in the future for whatever games may get released.


Total control

The last point is that you will have total control over the build.

The only limiting thing will be the ability and money.


Downsides of building your own


This is the most obvious one. Your main limitation is often the cost of parts by building your own, which can increase rapidly.



While you will usually have guarantees for the parts you buy, it is up to you to find out which part is not working and then contact the manufacturer for replacements.


Benefits of buying a prebuilt gaming PC


Often Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) can buy parts in bulk and therefore get discounted rates.

Of course, most of these cost-saving measures will be taken up by the cost of labor. However, in some cases, it is possible to get a similarly specced OEM PC for less than the one you might build yourself.


Piece of mind

If anything fails or stops operating within the specified time limit, the OEM will usually take back your PC and either repair or replace it for no extra fee.


Downsides of buying a prebuilt

Not much choice

An OEM will usually display specific models, including some upgrade options, but this will fall well short of what you have available when building your own.



By selling you the best product for the lowest price, a prebuilt will often cut corners where they deem it necessary. This results in not being able to upgrade sufficiently when the time comes.



There are upsides and downsides to each side of the argument.

However, we would usually say that it is best to build your own if you have the ability. You can start cheaper and then upgrade as your money situation allows.

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