Is it Possible to cheat online Casinos?

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The worst nightmare for an administrator or owners of gaming sites is cheating. Today’s technology leaves little opportunities to cheat. Despite this, there are still skilled hackers who might get into a gaming site for nefarious purposes.


Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Cheat For PC And Mac Versions

Gambling games aren’t the only targeted games by cheaters. All genres of online games represent an attractive pool of potential games to cheat. Those who work to deceive a gaming platform have a precise plan to cheat. Often it is in order to win real money or collect game features faster than playing the game honestly.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is one of the most popular and played online games. It’s a first-person shooting game where the players must collect weapons as well as special features (gravity alteration, health recovering, more ammo, etc.). Players can learn to enable cheats for this game if playing on a PC. It is literally an option within the settings menu of the game. Then, use the ‘~’ symbol to open the dev-console, type seta thereisacow “1337”, press the enter button. Now, type spdevmap bog_a, press Enter, and start at The Bog level. Finally, exit the level and start a new game with cheats enabled (you can also save the file). Follow this link to get all the cheat codes of COD 4 by effect. As you can see, it’s quite simple cheating the game from the PC.


What About Cheating Casinos? The Casino 888 Case

The golden question arises now: if it’s possible to cheat at a game like Call Of Duty 4, could it be possible to cheat at a casino game? If there could be any chances to cheat online casino games, the amount of potential money to earn would also be higher.

Several incidents have occurred in the past few years in the Middle East. Many gamblers in that region abused their ‘Welcome Bonus’ offers at Casino 888. These players were claiming it more than once per gambler. Consequently, the 888 holdings lost a huge amount of money. It led the casino owners to correct the ‘Welcome Bonus’ offer by adding new terms. After the amendment, every player gets the casino’s Welcome Bonus only once per home and IP address. As of today, Casino 888 emerges as one of the safest and most secure casino sites in the Middle East. Casino 888 also operates in many other regions outside the Arabic-speaking world.


The Spam Message Method To Cheat Online Casinos

Technology is evolving quickly. Casino owners today have highly sophisticated tools to protect their gaming sites. On the other hand, skilled hackers also take advantage of the same high-level technology to cheat. Although brute force hacking is possible, typical attempts to cheat casinos focus on bonus manipulation. Weak bonus terms allow pro cheaters to get the money from a bonus many times. In the past times it was possible to cheat land-based casinos by using schemes and strategies. Today cheating an online casino requires more advanced tech skills. The bottom line is that online gambling requires only good luck to cheat.

One of the most common methods to cheat a casino is to send spam messages to propose a winning strategy for a game. In recent years, this method spread across the world quickly. The fact is that the schemes offered in the message don’t exist at all.

This is an old-fashioned method of grifting. There aren’t any other ways to make money from a casino unless you are a very skilled gambler. You may want to try different strategies, always keeping in mind that no strategy is 100% effective. Also, forget about losing your days finding a way to get regular winnings at a game, as you’ll never come up with a solution to your dilemma.


Other Fraudulent Ways To Cheat Online Casinos

Imagination is the only limit to pro hackers, so the array of potential cheats is still pretty large. Creating multiple accounts is a common attempt to cheat an online casino. However, the casino software actively tracks duplicate email account information and IP addresses. Casino systems identify attempts to defraud and automatically block the accounts. The casino will often confiscate the funds as well.

The same consequence comes if someone tries to manipulate the payment methods. If you try to withdraw money to an unverified account or card, the system blocks your account and money. As we’ve said above, bonuses and promotions are reason number one to try to cheat a casino. If the casino software detects a suspicious action with bonuses or promotions, both the player’s account and funds will get immediately blocked.

We should conclude that making money with online casino games is a matter of skills and expertise. After all, you’d spend less time mastering a game than trying a way to cheat the casino system!

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