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The gambling world is full of different superstitions, rules and prejudices, which change and add new items from year to year. For a newcomer to this field is of particular importance to choose a game that will allow to make his first steps in the world of gambling. Many players believe that roulette in this case is not quite good option, because the casino advantage here is greater than, for example, in the blackjack (0.5%). To assess the validity of such opinions, we will take into consideration all the features of online roulette game.



Equal Casino Advantage

Confusion and misunderstanding of many novice gamers are caused by the fact that in many gambling games, the casino advantage depends on the size of bets. With regard to roulette, on the contrary, everything is very simple. The casino’s edge is the same, regardless of the size of the bet. American roulette has an advantage of over the player in the amount of 5.26%, and European online roulette has a 2.7% advantage. The best option for the player in terms of advantage the French version is the best since it has the lowest casino edge over the player thanks to the rule “Partouche”. “Partouche” – returns half of the bet amount to the player if Zero rolls on the roulette wheel. In this case, with any bet, you have a higher chance to stay in the black.


You can play and train in online roulette for free

Newcomers to the web casinos can always play roulette online for free, unlike real gambling establishments. Choosing the demo mode, the player can understand the rules and features of this or that type of game without the risk of losing money in the process. This is a great option not only for novice gamers, but also for more experienced ones who have decided to try other types of roulette with different rules. After the user learns all the subtleties of the game, its much easier to switch to the paid version. By the way, you can practice in many other casino games by clicking on this link – https://toponlinecasinoaustralia.com/games.


Lots of bonuses

Playing in any casino from the link above, the player can count not only on honesty and a wide selection of games but also on substantial bonuses. For beginners, such incentives are especially pleasant and useful. Many gambling establishments offer bonuses for registration, for the first deposit, for a certain number of bets, etc. However, for the withdrawal of such a bonus, there are certain conditions, as a rule, the sum must be wagered.

If you still think that an online roulette game is not suitable for beginners due to the high entry of sum for each bet – you are wrong. In fact, many gaming establishments offer bet rates as low as 1 dollar. Therefore, roulette is a great choice for a player with any gambling experience, just learn the rules of the game and develop your winning strategy.

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