Is There Room For More Categories On Twitch?

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Most of us know Twitch as a platform that is frequented by the gaming community to discuss upcoming games and events and watch the gameplay of professional gamers. However, a quick visit to the website shows that there are a few other categories that are available on the platform, which have a substantial amount of viewers and broadcasters. Here’s what we know about the “other” Twitch categories.


Why Do People Join Twitch – If Not For Gaming?

You might wonder what the point of using this particular platform is unless it is for gaming (because that’s where the community likes to socialize with each other). Well, live streaming on Twitch turns out to be a highly profitable business, and it’s easy to start too. Many broadcasters use StreamOZ to boost their live streams and earn more money through the platform. As for the viewers, it seems that watching live interactions is what they are looking for on Twitch, which cannot be provided consistently on other social media platforms.


Twitch Categories

Given the recent controversies about Twitch adding a specific tag for the “hot tub” category, which is mainly broadcasts of women in their hot tubs – these are some of the other categories on Twitch (not gaming). 


Just Chatting

This category covers anything and everything, but it can be viewed as a sort of podcast. It’s either one or two people that host a live broadcast and chat about any topic. Of course, most channels have a niche topic to focus on. 



Almost self-explanatory while also a very confusing topic, ASMR live streams are very popular on Twitch. Although the majority of ASMR broadcasts have some sexual undertones, there are quite a few family-friendly ASMR live streams – such as cooking shows with a focus on the visual and auditory aspects of cooking the food.



Another highly popular category is sports – which includes all different types of sports. This can include commentary on live sports, or simply commentary on ongoing tournaments and championships. This category is highly popular, and there is some overlap with gaming through the eSports community. Broadcasts are available in multiple languages from all over the world.


Science & Technology 

Believe it or not, there is an educational side to Twitch as well. People interested in science and technology regularly visit the platform, with a lot of content focused on teaching programming – such as learning graphic design. While this isn’t the most popular category on Twitch, there is still a substantial community that visits this part of the platform.

There are already many more categories on Twitch besides gaming, and internet users seem to thoroughly enjoy watching live broadcasts. And so long as there is a demand for this type of content, creators will find a way to monetize it. There may be many more categories added to the platform if people form communities on Twitch that are focused on niche topics. There is certainly room for more categories if only there is demand for them. 

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