It is Back! Kodak Super 8 Camera Footage Unveiled!

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Kodak Super 8

The legend is back, Kodak this week released the footage of its new Kodak Super 8 camera, it is designed to bring back the Super 8 film. First unveiled back in CES 2016 the Kodak Super 8 camera has been designed by Yves Behar and it will be available for $2500 and $3000, It is quite a lot. Features of the Kodak Super 8 camera include a 3.5-inch LCD, variable speed control, and C-mount lens support, it sounds all good but it is very expensive!

Kodak explains the delay in launching the Kodak Super 8 camera has been largely due to the loss of data within Kodak about Super 8 cameras which were last manufactured a few decades ago. Check out the Kodak Super 8 highlight reel below.

Check out the links below for more detailed information about this blast from the past gadget.



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