It’s Hennessey’s Venom F5 – 290mph Supercar

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Here it is, a world-first look at Hennessey’s Venom F5, Texas’s V8 twin-turbo hyper-thing aiming not just to go quicker than the 268mph Veyron Super Sport, but blow the pesky Bugatti into the weeds, targeting a top speed of 290mph. Perhaps even more.

That smart new bodywork, wrapped around a developed version of the mutated Lotus Exige frame that underpins the Venom GT, is far more than just show. The standard Venom GT has a drag coefficient of 0.44, while the F5’s figure will dip below 0.40. Hennessey says this added slipperiness won’t significantly affect stability at speed. “It’ll have more than enough downforce,” he says.

In addition to the six-speed manual offered in the current Venom, the F5 will be offered with a single-clutch paddle-shift transmission: a dual-clutch ‘box was rejected on grounds of weight and durability.

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There’s trick new GPS-based traction control, which can, we’re told, be calibrated to specific racetracks. Hennessey namedrops the Nürburgring Nordschliefe. Jeez.

The Venom F5 will land next year, with first deliveries reaching customers in 2016. A production run of over 30 cars is planned. Prices are to be confirmed, but we’re told F5 will cost more than the $1,200,000 (plus taxes) Venom GT.


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