Its Official Atari is Making a New Game Console

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If you are old enough then you might know what Atari is, and now Atari is working on a brand new gaming console, CEO Fred Chesnais said in an interview with GamesBeat at E3 2017.

Chesnais wouldn’t reveal much about the new upcoming gadget, telling GamesBeat only that Atari is “back in the hardware business.” The last gaming console from Atari was the Jaguar, which debuted in 1993 and was discontinued in 1996.

Atari posted the brief video, teasing a device called the Ataribox. The title of the video on YouTube calls it “a brand new Atari product” that is “years in the making.” Interested parties can sign up on the Ataribox website for more information.

The only detail Chesnais gave to GamesBeat was to say that the Ataribox is based on PC technology. The video itself offers impressions of a unit that seems to have wood veneer — just like the famed Atari 2600, the company’s first console — and then a white Atari logo. It’s hard to imagine Atari making a device that would compete with the PlayStations and Xboxes of the world, but it is a very fresh idea and I am all in with this. Check out the video and let us know what you think about it.


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