It’s Time to Get Real with Virtual Studio Sets

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Virtual Studio

Virtual studio sets are a unique combination of real-time actors and realistic looking computerized sets. The introduction of such technology shows significant significance to both creative design and economics. It has become a reason behind the popularity of virtual set technology in live productions. Rather than the real sets, the users are demanding for more realistic virtual sets to give free rein to human imagination.

10 years ago, virtual set systems cost around $1 million or sometimes more than this. But, presently, these systems are available under the budget. One can expect photo-realism, instinctive operation, and creative latitude.


Describing the Virtual Studio sets 

Virtual studio sets or you can say modern television studios comprising of real-time people and objects along with the computer-generated background in a very seamless manner. The actual reason behind the introduction of these sets is to make the real camera move in 3D space.

Basically, 3D computer graphics software is used for the purpose. In this, the virtual screen easily gets adapted according to camera settings such as angle, zooming, and so on. They are less expensive because handled using PCs and boosted using specialized video processing engines. Such sets are of two types:

  1. Re-created real sets in which require maximum realism that is possible.
  2. The unreal one that is related to impossible worlds. Though they needed realistic lighting.


How Are Virtual Studio Sets changing the way we look entertainment industry?

 Most of the time, virtual set software come across the challenge of creating the illusion of actors. Still, there are lots of advantages linked with virtual studio sets.


Save space, money, and time

 Virtual studio sets are working with a driving force related to doing cost savings and building realistic environments. The in-house graphics department generally designed the sets at less cost. Virtual Studio sets are beneficial when a broadcaster does not have much space to make a good set. 3D virtual sets allow users to broadcast back-to-back programs from the same studio.

There is no requirement for setups, storage rooms, and others because 3D sets are sufficient in serving all purposes at the same place. Believe it or not, these sets are meant for producing an incredible illusion.


A unique art to display

 According to a report, the cost of virtual set systems has been reduced because of powerful PC graphics. Previously, the price was high, and people were unable to use them frequently. Thus, it becomes a ‘Black art’ to use. At the present time, the user interface and operation have become quite spontaneous as the virtual sets are readily available.

Talking about computer software and hardware, these are nowadays cultured and mature. Though, the biggest challenge still remains the same, i.e., validation of physical lighting along with computer-generated lighting used in making a video. It’s quintessential that both virtual and physical lighting should match for the virtual set.

Currently, 3D sets come up with surprises. Presently, the virtual sets offer a more straightforward modification of 3D sets.


Expect beyond the offered sets

 Both air graphics and camera tracking work together for generating quality real-time graphics that please the viewers. Practically, more efforts with modern technologies are needed to develop virtual sets. It should make sure that lenses should focus, zoom, and iris so as to eradicate the requirement of brackets.


The noted advantages of Virtual Studio sets

 When comparing with standard sets, these virtual studio sets are available with numerous advantages. Let’s have a look at them.

  1. Faster ability to set up.
  2. There are lots of options available for the producer to custom builds their studio set theme. They can even select from digital sets that are pre-built.
  3. Possibility of changing the background depending on the agenda of your show.
  4. Opportunity to get video footage in numerous environments and merging them further to the virtual video set.
  5. The users can easily shot the video from different angles with the help of cameras.
  6. Another benefit of using these sets is creating a virtual area required for animation and picture within picture effect.

Certainly, virtual studio sets are a modern technology that has changed the vision of the entertainment industry. These are designed as per the design and are famous for their versatility.





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