iVANKY DisplayPort Cable Review

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 iVANKY is an audio and video accessories brand which is popular in the United States. One of its bestsellers is the DisplayPort 1.4 Cable. Gamers are going crazy over this product because of the awesome experience it can provide.

Indeed, this port is an awesome option for those who wish to replace their original cable. Also, this is a great accessory that you must have if you are thinking of connecting your game on the monitor and computer.

The Best Match for Gaming Screens

Gamers consider this cable as the perfect match for the monitors. Under 4K resolutions or 3840 x 2160, it can support refresh-rate until 144 Hz. amazingly, you can connect the cable to 8k @ 60Hz resolution and 4k @ 144 Hz. With this, gamers can perceive the enemy movement without any frame drop.

But wait, there’s more! The cable can also support HD audio pass-through. This can even function on HDR as well as 10-bit monitor screens.

It has 28 AWG Tinned Copper which can prevent your monitor to go black screen or flicker. With this cable, you can prevent signal loss. Overall, you can experience improvements in your transmission through this high-quality cable. When it comes to the display cables, the iVANKY is always the gamers first option.

Suitable Even for Complex Setup

The iVANKY 4K@144Hz DisplayPort Cable features a nylon braided cable which is durable. With its generous length of 2 meters or 6.6 feet, you can easily finish your setup. For easier management of your cables, iVANKY has also included a Velcro strap for you in the package.

There is no need to hide the braided cable since it looks good just the way it is. With the lower wire gauge, the product is easy to use. For limited space and tight corners, you can bend the cables easily. This is especially true when setting it up behind your desktop computers.

Secure Design

This iVANKY 4K@144Hz DisplayPort Cable is designed to plug and unplug effortlessly. It boasts a gold-plated covering which is three times thicker than other products.

The connectors are gold plated while the shell is made of aluminum alloy. Furthermore, the housing is braided nylon. Indeed, the connectors are latch-free. They can be securely connected and minimize the chances of breaking the port of your card.

Its reinforced joint can resist wear and tear and corrosion. Moreover, it can stand up to 10,000 plugs and unplugs on the cable.

The 4k @144 Hz DisplayPort Cable is available in black color only. Meanwhile, the cable in red and grey can support 2k @165 Hz, 2k @ 144Hz, and 4k @60 Hz. iVANKY offers a lifetime warranty on their products. When you buy it, the package will arrive in a colorful box. The connector is inside a protective cover. The exterior is braided, durable, and smooth. The grips of the connector have a nice aluminum feel and it doesn’t have any locking mechanism.

In sum, if you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable cable, you can’t go wrong with iVANKY. This is the best value product you can buy with your money.



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