James Patterson’s Latest Book Self-Destructs in 24 Hours

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James Patterson

James Patterson has a new book that is out called Private Vegas and he is doing something interesting for the first 1000 people who purchase. Those first thousand people will get a free digital version of the book. The cool part about that digital book is that it self-destructs.

The digital book has a countdown that starts as soon as you begin reading it. The countdown gives you 24 hours to read the book before it self-destructs. Apparently, there is some way that readers can steal time from other readers. Exactly how that happens is unknown. The book will be offered in hardback at normal hardback pricing.

There is also a single special edition of the book that is a physical copy with the self-destructing feature of the digital book. If the video is to be believed, the physical copy will burst into flames after 24 hours. The special edition physical copy is stupid expensive at $294,038. That purchase also gets you a private trip and a five-course meal with James Patterson.



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