Japanese Robots Can Put On iPhone Screen Protectors With Super Speed And Accuracy

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Japanese Robots

Check out these high-tech robots which can fix screen protectors without any air bubbles seems to to be the key focus at least for this robot and keeping the bubbles out of the screen protector is a challenge, I know I have been there.

Meet, Kawasaki’s dual-arm manufacturing duAro robot that has been programmed to put on those screen protectors without getting all crooked or out of the center.

According to IT Media, “duAro” was displayed at this week’s Pepper World in Tokyo, and now it seems as though even the most mundane of tasks are put under threat by the robot apocalypse.

duAro is not solely good on putting on the mobile protectors, only. This Kawasaki Robot is an innovative dual arm SCARA robot that is designed to coexist with humans in the workplace.

Usually industrial robots are developed specifically for the mass production and long life cycles, but automation is considered difficult in fields where improvisation and updating of the design are introduced at frequent intervals. Kawasaki’s duAro has an easy to program interface, and provides motions that are similar to human arms making it capable of being used for almost any type of task!

The job of the poor guy at the mall who put screen protectors on your phone is endangered now.



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