Java Outsourcing Company – Top 10 Providers from Eastern Europe

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Outsourcing is quite an efficient way for software development. You don’t need to hire the entire team in-house, you can reduce costs, and staff, and minimize risks. If you look for a java outsourcing company, you definitely want not only a low price for services but skilled software engineers too. That’s why you should pay attention to providers in Eastern Europe. In this article, we’ve collected the most popular outsourcing firms from Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, and Hungary.

Methodology – How to Choose Java Development Outsourcing Partners?

To create this list of the 10 best Java outsourcing companies for you we’ve analyzed their portfolios, ratings, and reviews. We used a lot of extra trustful resources like LinkedIn, Clutch, and GoodFirms. We took into consideration ratings and feedback from previous customers. We grouped firms by country for more convenience.

10 Best Java Outsourcing Companies in Ukraine

Ukraine is one of the most trusted countries for outsourcing. Here you can find reliable providers and qualified software engineers with deep expertise for your project.

  1. Mangosoft

This is an offshore software product development company based in Kyiv. Mangosoft develops web and mobile applications of any complexity. This dedicated team always finds custom solutions developed on Java and its workable frameworks. More than 250 clients have already got projects finished according to their business needs. They satisfy the key need of enterprises – long-term success.

  1. Binariks

This is a web and mobile development company with energetic specialists based in Lviv. They are ready to work with both startups to implement their ‘crazy’ ideas and enterprise to keep up their productivity. They use Java to offer the most effective solution for businesses from different industries – healthcare, banking, and others.

  1. Intellias

Intellias is a large software development company with many offices in Ukraine – Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and abroad. They provide IT consulting and development services based on advanced technology, including Java. Intellias has expertise in Big Data, ML & AI, IoT, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity. With its dedicated teams and their wide professional competencies, you can expand your own business capabilities.

Java Development Outsourcing Companies in Poland

Poland is the next IT outsourcing leader in Eastern Europe. You can find a lot of companies with qualified Java engineers in this country.

  1. Gecko Dynamics

This firm from Krakow also has offices in the USA, Canada, and the UK. They provide end-to-end web and mobile solutions with key expertise in Java, Angular, and other technologies. They specialize in SaaS development and BPM systems.

  1. Future Processing

Future Processing is a full-cycle product development provider. The main expertise is .NET and Java. The most used technologies are Java Enterprise Edition, Spring Framework, Apache Camel, Spring Boot, Akka, JSF, JFA/Hibernate, and others.

  1. Solidstudio Software House

This is a software development agency based in Krakow with a strong focus on Java, React.js, Node, js, and other technologies. The team provides products for fintech and SaaS development. They deliver scalable back-end systems and cloud-native applications.

Java Development Firms in Belarus

This is the third popular destination where you can find reliable providers and qualified Java developers.

  1. Andersen

The company focuses on IT staff augmentation, software, and mobile app development. Andersen has the main office in Minsk (Belarus) and other cities. Many completed Java projects are under their belt – in finance, healthcare, e-commerce, IoT, and other areas. They work with such tools as Spring, Spring Boot, RxJava, Vaadin, Akka, GWT, and Hibernate.

  1. Coherent Solutions

This is one more firm from Minsk with headquarters in Minneapolis. The company focuses on custom software and mobile development, data services, DevOps and Cloud services, and Quality Assurance. Coherent Solutions provides full technology stack and complete development lifecycle using Java, JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate, and HTML5.


Top Java Outsourcing Providers in Hungary

Our last country for today is Hungary. This was the leader in software development export, and now this is still a popular country for IT outsourcing.

  1. Apriorit

This company is located in Budapest and provides a lot of IT outsourcing services. They use advanced technology for web and mobile development, and many more. Apriorit focuses on large-scale cloud solutions such as SaaS ERP and CRM.

  1. RabIT Software Engineering

This is a software engineering company from Szeged. They provide IT audit and consulting, mobile app development, MVP development, and other offshoring services. RabIT provides dedicated teams and individual Java developers with expertise in different frameworks and technologies.

Why Choose Mangosoft as a Java Software Development Company?

As you can see, there are a lot of great Java development outsourcing companies. After a thorough analysis of each, we recommend you try to work with Mangosoft. Firstly, this is located in a favorable country – Ukraine. Today, this is a booming destination for IT outsourcing. Secondly, it has gathered a team of 120+ true experts – from experienced project managers and business analysts to skilled Java developers. Thirdly, the company is proud of having a portfolio rich in Java projects – different trading platforms, banking software, etc. Mangosoft is listed in the Top 3 Kyiv Shopify development companies. So, if your project is based on e-commerce, you can get custom development services from this team of professionals. They have a lot of positive reviews from customers on Clutch and other resources. You are not limited to Mangosoft, but by contacting this company you can be sure of the results achieved in the near future.

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