JCAUX’s Steam Deck Accessories

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Steam Deck Accessories

If you own a Steam Deck and need a set of accessories to protect and display your hardware then check out some cool hardware by JSAUX. Tech manufacturer JSAUX has revealed that their line of high-quality Steam Deck accessories is going to be available for purchase! These accessories come with the Steam Deck docking station and protective standing case. Both of which were huge hits on their first run, selling out as they come.

The docking station, after the product reveal preview on Reddit, became an instant hit and is one of the finest options for Steam Deck docking hardware. This docking station enables players to play in 4K at 60Hz on a TV while charging the Steam Deck with a combination of ports making it quite easy to use. It looks cool to have and show off your cool hardware.

The protective standing case gives a unique design that doesn’t get in the way of the Steam Deck whatsoever, allowing for a smooth playing experience. Its ergonomic design is created with long play times in mind and delivers a relaxing solution to any length of a gaming session. Alongside this, it is also provided with a stand function that easily connects to the back of the case. Simple and sturdy, this protective standing case is one of JSAUX’s most practical accessory options.

Both the docking station and protective standing case are available on the JSAUX store and will be shipping your orders from June 30th! Both items are available at $39.99 and $21.99 respectively. Head to their official site for more information on the product specifications and details on costing.

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