Jibo The Robot Your New Family Member

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Jibo The Robot

It functions more like Siri with personality, answering user queries and performing digital tasks, all while looking like an adorable robot pet. Not like the movies where it helps you do chores and little things around the house.

Jibo The Robot

Armed with facial and voice recognition, the 11-inch tall Jibo can identify the person it’s talking to, allowing it to tailor responses to the specific individual.  It will even recognize facial expressions, so it can guess your mood and customize the interaction to your specific state of mind.  A 360-degree mic array lets users talk to the robot even when it’s facing away, with dual speakers for providing voice feedback.  The face is a circular LCD touchscreen, which can be used for both information display and gesture controls.  Jibo has a top section that can spin, swivel, and twist from the base, allowing the body to move like it’s dancing.

Since Jibo’s functions are based on how people currently use mobile devices, it can integrate common tablet uses, such as teleconferencing, web searches, and queuing up movies on your Netflix account.  We are one step closer to getting robots like Jetsons and flying cars.


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