Juicy Fruits: Slot Machine Review

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Juicy Fruits

1.   Overview of Juicy Fruits Slot Machine

2.   Features and Benefits of the Game

3.   Graphics, Audio, and Animations

4.   Winning Tips and Strategies

5.   Pros & Cons of Playing Juicy Fruits Slots

6.   Final Thoughts on Juicy Fruits Slot Machine Review

Pragmatic Play has answered to the players looking for a classic look with Juicy Fruits, their fruity-themed version of Push Gaming’s 2018 farming slot Fat Rabbit. How all online casino games share one thing – an innovative scatter collection feature during free spins that creates a roaming wild symbol. Although not hugely similar, it is clear that Fat Rabbit brings greater creativity and imagination to the gaming table. With this new addition now available in your favorite online casino, you can get both your entertainment and five-a-day fix all at once!


Overview of Juicy Fruits Slot Machine

Step into the vibrant and inviting atmosphere of Juicy Fruits with a slinky backing track as you arrive. The 50-payline 5×5 grid dazzles with an array of colourful fruits, bells and classic slot icons that burst onto your screen; bubbles float up the edges whilst ice cubes bob around–creating a refreshing cocktail experience! Whilst it appears somewhat generic, this pleasant sight is perfect for those who are passionate about slots games.

Juicy Fruits can groove on any device, from mobile to desktop, with bet options starting at 25 p/c and increasing all the way up to £/€125 per spin. If you choose to activate Pragmatic Play’s optional Ante Bet feature – which increases your cost of each spin by 20% but doesn’t alter symbol values – then extra scatters will be included in the reels of this game.

Juicy Fruits

This effectively doubles the chance of triggering free spins naturally so it is worth activating if you want an increased chance for success!


Features and Benefits of the Game

Juicy Fruits is a game that changes a lot. It rates very high, 5 out of 5. Most spins in the game are low-value or no-value. This happens during the regular game and bonus rounds too. However, with assistance from an engorged wild symbol you may be able to achieve a few wins here and there!

The max win stats are decent in addition to the default RTP that stands at 96.52%

Juicy Fruits boasts 11 paying symbols from low to high value: limes, cherries, lemons, oranges, apricots, strawberries, kiwifruits and raspberries; watermelons and fiery 7s – with a 5 of kind win granting you an incredible 2x to 24x multiplier for your bet. Additionally, this game features the Wild Crown symbol which appears on all reels in a base mode allowing it to take shape of any other pay symbol presented ranging from 1×1 up until the fabulous 5×5 size!


Graphics, Audio, and Animations

Diamonds serve as scatter symbols and can be found on any reel. Gather 3 or more in view to activate the free spins round, beginning with 6 complimentary rotations. When you get free spins, look for diamond scatters. Each one that you find will go on a meter above the reels. If you collect 3 of these diamonds, you win extra turns and an upgraded wild symbol!


Winning Tips and Strategies

When you begin playing free spins, a 1×1 wild symbol is always available on the grid; it continues to move and change positions at random between each spin. Following your fourth retrigger though, no more additional free spins can be earned. With every upgrade in size from 1×1 to 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 and then 5×5 of the wild symbol, there’s an even greater chance of collecting big wins!

If you manage to trigger the round with four or five scatters initially, one or two scatter symbols will already have been collected on your meter.

To activate free spins from the base game, you have the option to make a Feature Buy at 100x your total bet. However, it is important to note that if Ante Bet has been switched on, this feature will not be available – so make sure you turn it off first.


Pros & Cons of Playing Juicy Fruits Slots

Juicy Fruits, developed by Pragmatic Play, immediately alludes to its fun and fruity theme in the title. Unlike Fat Rabbit which featured an unconventional farming motif, this game offers a more traditional setup with a plethora of delectable fruits amidst an aquatic soundtrack that creates a tranquil ambiance – it is almost as if you’re undersea!

Furthermore, the backdrop of Juicy Fruits consists of a cocktail glass – fittingly complementing its catchy summery vibe. Nonetheless, the serene atmosphere soon becomes a distant memory after several rounds of playing. It’s then that you understand the game’s volatile character and unpredictability.


Final Thoughts on Juicy Fruits Slot Machine Review

Pragmatic Play has expertly crafted this game to be as calming and comforting as possible, reducing the typically formidable nature of its main game with a low win count. The pivotal factor that unlocks bigger wins is constructing an outsized wild symbol – three-by-three sized or larger! If you are lucky enough to trigger a four-by-four wild or greater? Hold on tight; your reel will produce winner after winner from then onward.

Even if you don’t get awarded a large number of free spins, collecting scatters quickly can still be quite thrilling. According to Pragmatic Plays, the highest possible win is 5,000x your bet – an undeniably attractive reward!

Juicy Fruits may not be the most innovative game, having borrowed ideas from other titles. Yet if you manage to collect multiple scatters during free spins, it can become quite an exhilarating roller coaster ride. Outside of that aspect though, playing this game will prove to be rather difficult – so make sure you’re prepared for a challenge before diving in!

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