Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC to Feature Prehistoric Marine Species

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Jurassic World Evolution 2

Exciting news for Jurassic World Evolution 2 fans! A brand new DLC trailer has just been released, giving a sneak peek into the upcoming paid content pack – the Prehistoric Marine Species Pack. Scheduled for release on Thursday, August 10, this eagerly awaited DLC will introduce four fascinating marine species into the game, bringing a whole new dimension to players’ dinosaur-filled parks.

The first addition is the Archelon, a colossal sea turtle that once roamed the prehistoric seas. With its immense size and distinctive shell, the Archelon will surely captivate players as they observe its graceful movements in the water.

Next up is the Nothosaurus, a sleek and agile marine reptile from the Triassic period. Its reptilian charm and swimming prowess will undoubtedly make it a popular addition among players, adding diversity and excitement to their aquatic exhibits.

Another awe-inspiring creature included in the pack is the Dunkleosteus, a fearsome predator that ruled the ancient oceans. With its massive armored head and jaw full of sharp teeth, this ancient fish is sure to make a formidable presence in the players’ marine enclosures.

Last but not least, the Shonisaurus makes its grand entrance into the game. As one of the largest marine reptiles ever to have lived, this massive creature will awe and inspire players with its sheer size and majesty.

To complement these new marine species, the DLC offers a Lagoon Rock Platform – a unique addition that allows players to observe the Archelon and Nothosaurus as they rest above the water, providing a fresh and innovative way to interact with these magnificent creatures.

All these thrilling features and additions come at a reasonable cost of $7.99, making the Prehistoric Marine Species Pack a worthwhile investment for fans eager to expand their Jurassic World Evolution 2 experience.

Moreover, alongside the paid DLC, the developers are also rolling out a free update, enriching the game with a range of exciting features and changes. Players will now have the option to create custom Challenge Share Codes, facilitating new and inventive ways to engage with the game’s challenges and missions. Additionally, the ability to favorite skins will let players effortlessly access their preferred customizations, streamlining the park management process.

One of the most intriguing updates allows players to toggle dinosaur hostility towards guests. Now, park owners can decide whether to maintain peaceful coexistence between visitors and their prehistoric attractions or let loose some controlled chaos for the thrill-seekers.

Furthermore, the free update also unlocks access to all sandbox maps, providing players with a vast array of landscapes to unleash their creativity and build the ultimate dinosaur theme park.

For those eager to witness the new marine species and features in action, the Jurassic World Evolution 2 DLC trailer is available for viewing on YouTube, offering an enticing glimpse into the upcoming adventure.

Jurassic World Evolution 2, developed by Frontier Developments, has been entertaining players since its initial release in November 2021. It is available for various platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC through Steam, the Epic Games Store, Windows Store, and GeForce Now, ensuring that players from different gaming communities can indulge in the excitement of managing their own Jurassic Park.

With the Prehistoric Marine Species Pack and the free update on the horizon, players can look forward to expanding their parks with new and intriguing species and features, continuing their adventure as they strive to create the most awe-inspiring and successful dinosaur theme park ever seen. So mark your calendars for August 10 and get ready to dive into a prehistoric aquatic wonderland in Jurassic World Evolution 2!

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