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Frontier Developments has announced that they will be releasing a massive update to Jurassic World Evolution on September 13th. This update, version 1.4, includes a lot of new aspects and adjustments. The full update was explained, in full detail, on their YouTube channel and can be watched anytime.

Challenge Mode

This feature will put you on Isla Nublar with little starting money and starts by letting you choose the difficulty. There will be against mechanics, such as Hammond Foundation fees, contract cancellation penalties, and personal best completion times. There are also rewards, including achievements and new skins, for completing this mode.

More Sandbox Options

These settings can be accessed in the options menu at any time. The new options are meant to provide more freedom for players to play how they wish. The new options include:

  • Lifespan toggle, so dinosaurs don’t die from old age
  • Cash level toggle, so you can control how much is available to you
  • Various difficulty settings
  • Feeder Resupply toggle, to remove pesky ranger jobs
  • Power toggle, rendering the need and use of electricity obsolete

Highlighted Updates

  • There will be new lighting options for career islands that are unlocked once you reach 5 stars on each island
  • New contract types to add a few more challenges to the game
  • New viewing cameras
  • Korean and Italian language support

They have also resized multiple dinosaurs to fit better with the Jurassic franchise:

  • Scale down the Ceratosaurus from 9.6m (current) to 9m
  • Scale down the Tyrannosaurus Rex from 14m (current) to 13.5m
  • Scale up the Spinosaurus from 13.7m (current) to 15m (making her taller but less bulky than the T-Rex)
  • Scale up the Giganotosaurus from 12m (current) to 13.5m

Along with all of these new features, there are extra features such as camera zoom, revert genes to default, cancel a research project or incubation, and more.

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