KamPro Handle Kit

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KamPro Handle Kit

Capture every moment of your adventure with the Kamerar KamPro, perfect for a variety of outdoor activities, from skateboarding, surfing and skiing, to cycling.

The Kampro Kit consists of a few parts that can be combined in several ways to create novel and useful configurations.

On each threaded pivot arm, there is a 1/4-20 thread to possibly add a friction arm, a LED light, or a microphone.

– Large molded handle
– Articulating setup
– Use a phone as your own personal monitor
– Dual setup
– Tripod Mount Setup

What’s Included:

1x Handle
3x Thumb Screw
2x Threaded Pivot Arm
1x Pivot Arm
1x Phone Mount
1x Tripod Mount
1x Cold Shoe Mount

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