Keanu Reeves’ Johnny Silverhand Is Playable Character In Cyberpunk 2077

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Johnny Silverhand - Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt Red has revealed the final Night City Wire for Cyberpunk 2077 before the release of the game and started with a showstopping look at its superstar character. Keanu Reeves’ character Johnny Silverhand has been the most recognizable face of the game since he was announced at E3, and the new trailer shares detail on the character. Happily, Johnny Silverhand also is a playable character in the game.

Johnny Silverhand - Cyberpunk 2077

The trailer shows Silverhand playing guitar, and details his apparent death and coming back. Some parts of the trailer also showed Silverhand as playable, based on some first-person action that showed his iconic arm.

The section was followed by a long look behind-the-scenes featurette with Keanu Reeves, talking about his voiceover and motion capture. The exhibition also covered more soundtrack features, as well as Stadia functionality and digital things.



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