Keep Your Data Safe in 2020 With These Best Privacy Tools

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How to avoid global surveillance and stay unidentified online? Many different tools can guarantee your privacy and secure your data. Here are 5 best privacy tools, including a secure messenger, a private Internet browser, an ad blocker, a safe password manager, and even a multifunctional network.


Utopia – a P2P secure ecosystem

Utopia is the best tool if you are searching for some universal decision. It is an app for a PC that has many built-in features to protect its user’s privacy online in as many spheres as possible. It has a secure messenger, a mailbox, a wallet (allow financial transactions and mining cryptocurrency) and a browser. It’s peer-to-peer and decentralized, all information is stored on the user’s device and everything is encrypted by default. In this way, it cannot be read or blocked by any 3rd party.

The registration is fully anonymous. The service is free and available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.


Signal – a secure end-to-end encrypted messenger

Signal is a good alternative for usual, not secure messengers. It supports text, voice, and video messages, calls, transferring files of different types, group chats. There is no advertising, no tracking or storing your data. Moreover, your messages automatically disappear.

The technology is open source. It uses a cryptographic protocol built by a nonprofit group and adopted by some other chat apps.

Signal app is available both for mobile and desktop devices and is free.


Tor – a secure Web browser

Probably, Tor is one of the most famous best privacy tools. When you go online via Tor, any data is transmitted through 3 randomly chosen servers of the Tor network before it reaches you. So that it becomes impossible to find out your location or IP address or any other identifying information. Now Tor is free and easy-to-use software. It no longer requires any special skills or knowledge.

Although you need to be careful while using the Tor browser as long as it can lead you to risky sites on the dark web.


KeePass – to manage all of your passwords safely

Almost every service requires registration today, which makes a strong and unique password a key to online security and privacy. With the growing number of such registrations, it’s getting more and more challenging to remember and manage all of your passwords. That’s why you need a secure password manager.

KeePass stores usernames, passwords, and other fields, including free-form notes and file attachments, in an encrypted file. The service is user-friendly, free and lightweight. Moreover, it is open source so you can check how security features are implemented.


AdBlocker Ultimate – to avoid annoying advertising

Ads are not just annoying. They violate your privacy rights, slow down your computer and sometimes can even lead to phishing and malware attacks.

AdBlocker Ultimate is a good choice for users who want to surf the Internet safely without any ads and malicious websites. It blocks all possible advertising and it doesn’t matter what type of content you previewed. The service also keeps your personal data safe from online trackers and activity analyzers.

AdBlocker Ultimate is free and cross-browser. Moreover, it works on a system level, which makes it even more efficient in blocking all types of ads.

So, there are 5 best privacy tools that can make your online experience more secure and pleasant. They cover different areas of online activities and can be useful for you depending on your needs and preferences. Anyway, all of them are free, easy to use and can guarantee protection for your personal data.

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