Kelvin 23 All In One Tool

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Kelvin 23 All In One Tool

The Kelvin .23 All In One Tool is a unique, super functional hand tool designed for the everyday jobs you encounter living on your own.

With the Kelvin, you can hang pictures, tighten up a loose ceiling fan,and measure small spaces before buying furniture too large for them.

No more running around the house, trying to remember where you last used the Phillips head. Everything you need is in the Kelvin, just waiting to help out with your next project.

A great gift for new homeowners or kids moving out of the nest.

Quality craftsmanship: cast aluminum body, zinc bit extender & hammer surface, CRV screwdriver bits (with satin finish), ABS handle (with rubber touch coating), ALNICO alloy magnets.


– Screwdriver can lock at 90 degrees for extra torque

– LED shines light where you work

– Liquid level keeps things straight

– 5 ft tape measure helps you cut right the first time

– Powerful alloy magnets hold loose screws

– 16 essential screwdriver bits: Hex, Flat, Phillips, Square

– And yep, there’s even a tiny hammer

Buy Here $30 USD


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