KFC Turns Food Trays Into Bluetooth Keyboards Simply Because You Won’t Stop Chatting While Eating

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KFC Turns Food Trays Into Bluetooth Keyboards

KFC has come up with a brilliant way to let you text on your smartphone or tablet whilst you are at one of their restaurants eating all the greasy food, KFC has turned their food trays into Bluetooth keyboards. So your phones won’t get sticky screens because you simply can’t stop chatting while eating or even when you have company on the table.

KFC made these Bluetooth keyboards available in their restaurants in Germany for a week, the keyboards were disposable and replaced the paper liners on their food trays.

The company said that everyone who used the keyboard took one home, which turned out to be a good marketing exercise for the company, it is not clear as yet on whether they plan to roll out these keyboards to their restaurants in the future.


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