Killzone: Shadow Fall Supports 1080p

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Killzone: Shadow Fall Supports 1080p

Guerrilla Games’ upcoming first-person shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall will render at a razor-sharp 1080p native resolution, according to SCEA social media manager Sid Shuman.

Sid Shuman confirms the details on PSBlog, “Killzone Shadow Fall‘s campaign is a visual stunner on PS4, rendering a smorgasbord of reflections, dynamic lighting, and billowing smoke at a razor-sharp 1080p native resolution (1920 x 1080).

It’s as if developer Guerrilla Games wanted to cast off every technological limitation from the PS3 era all at once. Combined with Shadow Fall’s expanded color palette and sprawling environments, the results are spectacular.”

He adds, “Shadow Fall’s combat also infuses a stronger sandbox sensibility, giving players far more control of how, where, and when they launch their attacks.

White-knuckled firefights can be supplemented with stealthy takedowns and traps, making the game far more nonlinear than its predecessor. And the single-player campaign is no lightweight, weighing in at more than 10 hours.”

“Then there’s the competitive multiplayer mode which, like the game’s campaign, runs at native 1080p and 60 fps. Supporting up to 24 players across a variety of play modes, Shadow Fall’s multiplayer combat feels more agile and responsive than its predecessor thanks to DualShock 4′s many refinements and, well, dat framerate.

Shadow Fall breaks from the multiplayer pack in several notable ways. For starters, you’ll start with the game’s full arsenal (22 guns) and you’ll complete skill-based challenges (1,500 in all) in order to upgrade your gear and abilities,” Shuman concluded.

Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch alongside PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013.



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