Killzone: Shadow Fall – Tech Trailer

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Killzone: Shadow Fall – Tech Trailer

Killzone: Shadow Fall – Tech Trailer

Guerrilla Games’ upcoming first-person shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall gets a tech trailer.

Community Editor at Guerrilla Games Victor Zuylen says, “When we began working on Killzone Shadow Fall, we set out to redefine the Killzone FPS experience. It had to cater to a new, more resourceful playing style, requiring the use of tactics and intelligence to outmaneuver and outsmart enemies.

At the same time, we wanted the game to remain true to its roots as a highly visceral shooter.

As excited as we are to talk about where we’ve taken the story and gameplay in the Killzone universe with Shadow Fall, we’re just as eager to showcase the numerous ways in which we’ve leveraged the raw horsepower of the PS4 to push the tech in our engine to jaw-dropping new heights.”

He adds, “Lastly, we want to thank each and every fan who pre-ordered Killzone Shadow Fall. As part of the reservation at participating retailers, users are promised the Shadow Fall soundtrack.

We will be slightly delayed in pushing the bonus out to our fans (only this one; everything else is on track), but can assure you the delay is minimal. We hope it’s yet another aspect of the game that you fall in love with this holiday season.”

Killzone: Shadow Fall will launch alongside PlayStation 4 on November 15 in US, November 29 in the UK and Europe.



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