Kington Smartphone Charger Uses Magnetic Technology To Charge Your Phone

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Kington Smartphone Charger

JAB Kington launched a new smartphone charging system it uses magnetic technology to fully charge your mobile devices. The range includes a number of different solutions that are capable of charging iPhones using an MFi Case and Receiver, Qi Wireless Pad and Transmitter and Qi car outlet charger.

KINGTON Cases & Chargers are certified by Qi & MFi licenses for quality and Trademark protection. The cases can be used at local favorite chains Starbucks, Airport, Restaurants hotels or integrated into some furniture. Place your iPhone with case close to the car charger and the magnetic properties will attract (pull) it to the stand. Charging starts immediately.

Save time on charging! We seem to always run out of battery life at the most critical times but with your car nearby power awaits without cables! Using smartphones in your car presents many hazards such as locating cables, making turns, braking causing phone to go flying. The Magnetic connection resists vibrations and rough roads preventing the smartphone from falling off the holder. The USB power supports navigation, listening, calling and charging.

The charging time is almost the same as cable. Using Texas Instruments chipset that allows transfer of large current from charger to iPhone. It is 20% less efficient than cables and 20% better than other wireless charging solutions. The Car chargers USB port is design with 5A/5V that supports iPad (2,4A/5V).

The Kingston is now available to back via Kickstarter with pledges starting from just $40 and will be shipping the product in September 2016.

Source: Kickstarter


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