Kiss Pinball Coffee Table

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Kiss Pinball Coffee Table

You will, Rock’n’Roll All Night And Party every day, with this unique retro piece of KISS story.

The Hot Tour features a 1978 KISS pinball playfield rescued from the trash.

This playfield’s comeback is almost as good as the KISS Alive tour. The table is encased in a custom fabricated flight case, you know, the type you spent your youth watching countless roadies load on and off stage.

We also managed to hunt down original Dynasty and Unmasked era backstage passes to adorn this amazing piece. The Hot Tour rolls on its own wheels and comes with four lighting programs.

When open, the table carries an illuminated logo inside. And to protect your investment from the rigors of the rock n roll lifestyle the outer surface features Lechler automotive-grade polish. Yet, our last little trick, couldn’t be better if Ace Frehley had thought of it himself, push one button and receive a surprise message in an alien language.


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