.klatz Smartwatch Turns Into Handset For Your SmartPhone

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The team behind the .klatz smart bracelet thinks it has a more elegant approach. Their wearable flips open, turning into a makeshift handset for your phone; you can take a call with your wristwear and look less dorky or Dick Tracy.

So you want a rundown? ok here it goes:


A smart bracelet with an LED screen that transforms into handset .klatz is a smartwatch that doubles as a comfortable handset for your smartphone.

Taking calls is now as easy as touching your wrist. Forget about digging your huge smartphone out of your pocket or bag to answer calls. View the caller ID on the LED screen, take .klatz off your wrist and flip it open to accept the call.


CSR8670 by CSR for maximum sound quality, Biggest battery (600-1200mAh) among smartwatches and longest battery life, A curved battery fits in the lower half of the smartwatch. It holds a charge for 10 days in normal mode and for one month in energy-saving mode.20141009060856-Battery

The LED screen displays the time while the device is charging on a sleek stand. It makes for an elegant desk accessory. All in all .klatz Is a trendy, sophisticated and classy fashion accessory

Wearable devices need to look smart, sophisticated and make a statement because they are conspicuous. We’ve incorporated the best design elements in .klatz to give it an air of mystery.

A bold and refined style statement for both men and women, .klatz brings together cutting-edge technology and fashion.


LED Screen: 12×32 LED display,  A futuristic LED screen with 384 LEDs that glows when it shows the time is one of the many features that set our smartwatch apart. .klatz achieves an exquisite balance between design and technology.


Build quality: scratch-resistant plastic body with anti-scratch surface and metal base. Lightweight body and refined lines complement its aluminum sides and internal parts that are designed using hypoallergenic soft-touch material.

Early birds can pledge $99 to get a .klatz bracelet when it (potentially) ships next spring, and the $139 price for regular backers is still decent for what you’re getting.

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