Klepper Backyak Combines A Sled, Kayak, Sailboat and Backpack All In One

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Klepper Backyak

The Klepper Backyak has been designed to be a portable modular system that can be configured in a number of ways to create either individual kayaks or one three-person kayak. As well as provide a small sailing boat and is that is capable of carrying two people at a time.

“Two backpack full of adventure. The world premiere of Klepper. The idea is as ingenious as it is unique: five sports equipment found in two backpacks space, which are themselves part of the boats.

The BACKYAK you easily carry a comfortable kayak (for two adults and one child), two fun-boats, a raft, a catamaran (with mast and sail) and in winter a sled to the most beautiful adventure courses, unlimited outdoor adventures for adventurers, gourmet and for the whole family. Discover what is possible!”

Source: Gizmag

Klepper Backyak Klepper Backyak Klepper Backyak


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