Kodi On Xbox One is Available Now

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Xbox One S

Kodi is a media streaming platform which is mostly used for pirated movies and everything pirated if you know what I mean, it was previously known as the XBMC or Xbox Media Center, It wasn’t available on the console before but now it is available on the Microsoft platform.

Kodi for Xbox One is available right now. Kodi has released an alpha version of its media player for the Xbox One, but it’s currently in the early stages of development. It is not final yet but it is available to download.

Kodi for Xbox One is exactly the same as on Windows 10 and other platforms. So if you use it on another platform, you will already be familiar with the interface and won’t have any trouble. Like we said it’s early in development, There may be some features are missing. It’s not going to be as stable as the regular version. Users can’t access their Blu-ray drive or external drive using the app yet for instance.

Kodi can access video and music files in a limited way with network support being limited to NFS:// shares. You can try out the alpha version of Kodi for the Xbox One right now.



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