Kojima Productions Released A DEATH STRANDING Documentary

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World Photo Day was yesterday and Kojima Productions started off with a short Death Stranding documentary. It focuses on the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018 Pete Rowbottom as he describes the difficulties of photography. Rowbottom uses his real-life knowledge to show gamers how they can get the most awesome shots using the Death Stranding‘s Photo Mode.

He also gets into the real-world to take photos at places for which he attracts inspiration from the game. While taking these long-distance photos he speaks about the game’s free Photo Mode tools. Taking these long-distance photos with a camera, you’re restricted by how far you can take the photo. Various lenses have to be changed to achieve these types of shots but in the game, it’s just a swift adjustment with the controller.

Photo Mode in games has grown its player base in some years. It gives something for players to get artistic with and push the game past just it’s story and gameplay. Check out the video below.


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