Konami Is Getting Into Desktop PC Market Now

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Konami Desktop PC

Konami’s famed pachinko machines are getting into a new market: PC gaming. Japanese outlet PC Watch reports that the company has three desktop models that are available to preorder, with shipping due to start this September.

The Arespear product line is managed by Konami Amusements, which also take care of arcade systems and the company’s esports shares. The models range from 184,000 yen (roughly $1,750 in the US) through to 338,800 yen ($3,205) depend on the specifications.

The Arespear C300 is the new low cost model, with an i5-9400F processor, a GTX 1650, 8GB of DDR4-2666 memory, and a 512GB SSD. The Arespear C700 and C700+ comes with better specs: a water-cooled i7-9700, and RTX 2070 Super, and 16GB DDR4-2666 memory. These models house the same 512GB M.2 PCIe SSD as the C300 but also come with a 1TB hard drive.

The contrast between the C700 and C700+ is mostly the looks: you’re getting RGB lighting and a windowed case for the extra 22,000 yen (around $210). All models have an awesome sound card in the form of the Asus Xonar AE.

It’s an exciting and surprising move for Konami, for not an unreasonable one: as Wes reported back in 2017, PC gaming is on the up in Japan. Pre-orders are open, but it’s not clear whether they’ll send outside of Japan.

Here are the models:

Arsepear C300 - 184,800 yen ($1,750)

Arsepear C300 – 184,800 yen ($1,750) (Image credit: Konami)

Arespear C700 - 316,800 yen ($3,000)

Arespear C700 – 316,800 yen ($3,000) (Image credit: Konami)

Arespear C700+ 338,800 yen ($3,208)

Arespear C700+ 338,800 yen ($3,208) (Image credit: Konami)

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