Kyocera Smartphone Display is Also a Solar Charger

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Kyocera Smartphone

You don’t need to bring your charger anymore, Kyocera smartphone will change all that extra wiring to carry to your mates house. How it will do that? It actually sandwiched a solar panel to a smartphone display. It’s something they’ve been working on in conjunction with Sunpartner Technologies. They actually showed off their progress last year at Mobile World Congress, and they returned this year to give the crowd a glimpse at their updated prototype.

it is a Android device to the core with a five-inch screen and like some of Kyocera’s other phones it’s waterproof and quite rugged. Curious how the solar layer affects the phone’s display? Reports from people that have spent time with the device say that you’d be hard pressed to notice the difference. That’s because the .55mm panel that Kyocera has integrated into their latest prototype’s display is 85% transmissive.

Kyocera says that it takes about three minutes of exposure to generate one minute of talk time. Kyocera’s phone is will recharge on its own, and just by sitting in the light. You don’t have to plug it into anything or even plop it on a special pad. It will take longer to charge but it will keep on charging whenever you leave it on the work desk. So I think charging from the wall outlet will be on the minimum.


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