Kyodo America LawnBott LB85EL

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Kyodo America LawnBott LB85EL

You don’t have to do your lawns anymore! You can sit back and let this little bot do all the work in your yard.

LawnBott says the LB85EL will work for about 3 hours before it automatically heads back to the docking station to recharge. It can cut to heights ranging from 0.75 inches to 2.8 inches, thanks to a 12-inch replaceable cutting blade. A rain sensor will tell it to head for the charging station, where its water-resistant design will protect its electronics from moisture damage.

Buying any robot mower is still more involved than its robot vacuum counterpart. Similar to an electric dog fence, you need to bury a guidance wire around the perimeter of the area you want them to mow. And while the LB85EL is rated for lawns up to 24,000 square feet (2,230 square meters, or just over half an acre), due to its 6.9 Ah Li-Ion battery, the LawnBott will take multiple runs, over multiple days for the bot to finish a yard that big once you account for the three-hour charging time.

Thankfully, the LawnBott is so quiet that you can run it at night without expecting guff from your neighbors. That multi-day scheduling also helps explain the benefit of the app-based interface. Now you can adjust the schedule on your phone instead of having to run outside to the unit itself to tell it to skip a day.

You can buy other units from LawnBott or elsewhere to handle larger yards, but prices escalate quickly. The LawnBott LB300EL, rated to 64,000 square feet or about 1.5 acres, goes for around $5,200. At $2,800 to cover half an acre, the LB85EL sits at the top of the price scale as the other robomowers with similar range for sale in the US, namely the similarly app-enabled Friendly Robotics Robomow RS 622($1,700) and the Husqvarna Automower 230 ACX ($2,700).

Kyodo America LawnBott LB85EL


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