LA Noire Switch Vs PS4 Vs Xbox One X Performance Test

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LA Noire

Digital Foundry created another great comparison video and in this video, they are comparing the performance of LA Noire to Nintendo Switch Vs Xbox One X Vs PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. In the video, you will get the conclusive answer regarding the game’s performance across various consoles. LA Noire remastered version is now available on PS4, Xbox One.

Some words from Digital Foundry:

On Switch, you get a fully playable version of LA Noire, with a large, detailed world to explore – unlike anything we’ve seen before on a handheld. Surprisingly, this also renders at 1920×1080 when connected to a TV via docking – much like the base PS4 release, in fact. However, a dynamic resolution technique is in play, meaning Switch scales the pixel output based on rendering load – and at stress points that means a low point of 1440×1080. In other words, the game lowers its resolution on the horizontal axis alone, and faced with a busy street, it drops to 75 per cent of the full pixel-count overall. Still, even at 1440×1080, Switch is still resolving far more detail than PS3’s native 1280×720.



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