The Last of Us Patch 1.08

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The Last of Us Patch 1.08

The Patch 1.08 for PS3 will be live globally in the next 24 hours and PS4 will get it during this time.

Check out the list of changes in this new patch and live update notes:

New Missions: All new weapons have their own missions

New Weapons:

  • Variable Rifle: Fast and accurate rifle that downs in four shots. Press x while aiming to use the variable scope zoom!
  • Scoped Semi-Auto: Scoped version of the Semi-Auto Rifle.
  • Scoped Full-Auto: Scoped version of the Full-Auto Rifle
  • Scoped Burst Rifle: Scoped version of the Burst Rifle.

Updated Pre-set Loadouts:


And the remaining patch 1.08 (151MB) notes solely for PlayStation 3, since these fixes are already included in The Last of Us Remastered:

Weapon Balance:

  • Hunting Rifle scope altered to show headshot hit marker.
  • Hunting Rifle scope upgrade level 2 is visually different, like in Single Player.
  • Hunting Rifle now does 70 damage instead of 55. It’s still 2 shots to down but Hunting Rifle players can now finish off wounded enemies more easily.
  • Reduce aim assist of second level zoom on Hunting Rifle and Military Sniper

Bug fixes

  • Fix for buying armor, switching to another loadout while alive, then respawning and losing the armor
  • Fix for buying purchaseable weapon, switching to another loadout which has the same purchaseable weapon, respawning and losing the purchased weapon
  • Fix for being able to spawn on a teammate after switching to a loadout with Strategist 3 before having spawned with that loadout
  • Fix for being able to buy ammo for purchaseable weapon on the waiting-to-respawn screen without the price going up
  • Fix to losing durability on a melee weapon when killing a downed player from more than 1.5 meters away
  • Fix to player going into t-pose when in high cover while holding a shiv
  • Fix for modded 2×4 not downing a player on slopes in certain cases
  • Fix for 2×4 missing player on a slope when doing the horizontal swing animation
  • Fix to not being able to shiv a player from behind on a slope unless you were extremely close
  • Fix to not being able to shiv a stunned player from the front on a slope (Note: unfortunately this fix introduced a separate bug where in rare cases of a smoke bomb shiv from the front, the animation of the attacker and victim don’t line up properly. No shiv functionality is affected, this bug is visual only. We are looking into a fix for this.)
  • Players using Bomb Expert 3 will no longer be stunned by their own smoke bomb while vaulting or falling
  • Hit sound and enemy flinch reaction for bombs and molotovs now only plays when you actually damage your opponent. The flinch radius was larger than the damage radius on bomb, molotov, and launcher.
  • Fix for late-joiner in a game of Survivors getting additional ingredients and parts at the first supply box in every round
  • Fix for picking up a modded melee weapon and receiving an extra binding/blade/rag
  • Fix for Specter firing sound not playing on University map
  • Fix to Last One Standing not kicking in when players quit a match to leave one player on a team
  • Fix to Last One Standing items not spawning when player had a supply box open at the moment when they became Last One Standing, then picked up the items from that box
  • Fix to Last One Standing items spawning at multiple supply boxes in Survivors under certain rare conditions
  • Fix to 2×4′s that weren’t picked up sometimes not getting cleaned up when player moves far away from the supply box that spawned it
  • Fix for game ending vox occasionally not playing

Supply Box Balance

  • Supply boxes now adjust for unbalanced teams. Being on a team of 3 players against a team of 4 players is equivalent to being down by 3 lives in Supply Raid or 2 rounds in Survivors. There is no reduction in items for players who are on the team with more players.

Team Balance: Improved Logic for Balancing Teams Between Matches

  • Players are rated based on their combined leaderboard KDR values from Supply Raid and Survivors.
  • Teams are balanced such that the sums of each team’s player ratings are as close as possible.
  • This also applies to parties, however when parties are involved the assignments of players are more limited so the team balance may not be as close.
  • Note that Interrogation mode also uses the combined KDR values from Supply Raid and Survivors. In future updates, if we have time, we’d like to add a unique player rating for each mode.

The free maps will be out this week alongside additional fixes and matchmaking tweaks for PlayStation 4.

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