Late Minecraft Streamer Technoblade Receives His Own Statue

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The Hypixel Network has added a statue of the late Minecraft YouTuber Technoblade to their main lobby on the nine-year anniversary of his channels’ creation. Technoblade first joined the Hypixel Minecraft server in 2013 and started to upload videos of himself playing its Blitz Survival Games mini-game to YouTube, fast becoming one of its greatest players and establishing an audience on the platform.

On 1 July 2022, a video was uploaded to Technoblade’s channel called “so long nerds,” in which Technoblade’s father disclosed that his son had passed away following his year-long battle with Sarcoma. Tributes poured in from the Minecraft community, culminating in a reference to Technoblade being added to the title screen of Minecraft itself for a brief period. In the days after the video was uploaded and with the approval of Technoblade’s family, the Hypixel Network set about collecting tributes from players and making a book of condolences, which is now in the printing process.

Now that the book is in the process of physical production, the area of the Hypixel lobby where players could initially leave their condolences has been modified for a second time, with a statue featuring Technoblade’s famous Minecraft skin now standing atop his grave – a reference to his famous “Technoblade never dies” catchphrase. Though months have passed since Technoblade’s death, the Hypixel forum post in which players could leave messages paying their respects has eclipsed 3,000 replies, and resumes to see new activity daily.

On the day of Technoblade’s channel turning nine years old, many other tributes were uploaded to the platform, with YouTube’s official channel uploading its own video called “Technoblade Never Dies,” documenting his rise to reputation as one of the most famous Minecraft content creators of all time. These tributes come days after fellow YouTuber Dream joined with the father of Technoblade to collect over $500,000 for the Sarcoma Foundation of America.

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