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Anybody with access to any kind of technology has probably partaken in gaming at least once in their life. Whether it’s a quick play of an app on your phone, or an entire weekend dedicated to completing that intense mission on your favourite FPS, we’ve all played games and we all know just how much technology is changing our gaming experiences as a whole. From a more accessible gaming market, to the introduction of Virtual Reality, technology is constantly expanding and improving on the Gaming industry, and we’re taking a look into some of the latest technologies to impact our gaming experience.

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The software that produces and runs our games is forever expanding and changing, making the whole experience more and more seamless. Whether it’s the software behind a smooth and realistic online blackjack casino game experience, or the top RPG on the market, every piece of software is constantly being worked on to ensure a bug-free, optimised experience. Online casinos are finding themselves taking on more and more software, from Playtech through to the up-and-coming SoftSwiss, while console and online multiplayer games are optimising everything they can to ensure they stay top of the markets and ahead of their competitors – but all of this works in our favour. While game developers might be fighting it out to keep the best software, we, as consumers, benefit from the best high-quality software and technology that money can buy.

Facebook Launches New Artificial Intelligence Lab

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has given a whole new life to gaming – literally. While AI has been around from the start of gaming, the technology has come on leaps and bounds to an extent unforeseen back when we were still playing Ping Pong and Frogger. Artificial Intelligence is becoming better and better at mimicking humans, making gameplay much more realistic and in a way, more intense. Enemies can flank you or throw grenades if you’re out of their field of view. Characters will talk to you and answer your responses all while keeping the entire conversation flowing as though you were talking to another human being. The computer-controlled characters will act like humans to the furthest extent that Artificial Intelligence will allow, and all on a platform that we can easily access. 



Gaming is far more convenient today than it ever has been. While handheld consoles aren’t a completely new concept with the production of Game Boy and Lynx in 1989, the market for handheld and portable consoles has only grown with higher demand, and more technology available to utilize. The Game Boy has turned into the DS, and the DS into the 3DS, and beyond. Cartridge gaming took off amazingly during the ’00s and has only continued its journey into the current decade. With the PS Vita and Wii U being released and constantly worked on to include gameplay with the main consoles, it’s only upwards from here.

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Gesture Control

Gaming has come on at such a pace that it’s even possible to play games without a controller at all! Intel RealSense technology has made it possible to play all kinds of games with just a simple wave of your hand. It follows the movements of your body, translating them into action on the game itself. A 3D camera will track 22 separate points on your hand, and then the gesture control can allow users to control and connect with their gaming experience on a physical level. You can use your hand to control first-person shooters, or the challenge games that are common in multiplayer games made specifically for gesture control.

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Virtual Reality

Perhaps the biggest and most recent addition to gaming is the introduction of Virtual Reality. VR doesn’t simply improve the gaming experience, it completely transforms it. While only a year or two ago, Virtual Reality wasn’t widely available, it has since become extremely so. The likes of PlayStation, Samsung, HTC and more are all releasing their own virtual reality headsets and people are going crazy for them. The headset fits securely to your head and over your eyes, giving you a view as though you were in the world of the game. It gives a more intense, life-like experience that leaves adrenaline junkies sated, and gaming fans more than happy with this new technology and new gaming experience. 


Mobile Gaming

With most youngsters and adults alike having access to a smartphone or tablet, it’s no wonder that the demand and popularity of mobile gaming as a whole have increased. Mobile gaming takes you away from your TV screen in your living room or bedroom, and out into the world with the games you love still accessible right from the miniature screen in your pocket. App stores and Marketplaces are all growing to have some of the best games around, whether they’re miniaturized versions of games you can find on console or PC or short and sweet snippets that are worthy of a place in your work commute entertainment repertoire. No matter whether you get the bus or train, you’ll always see people huddled over their phones, tapping and clicking away at any number of games.


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