Lawyers Need the Highest Level of Phone Security

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Phone Security

Mobile technology such as smartphones is wonderfully convenient, but it can also introduce new vulnerabilities. Today, hackers can target anyone.

Data breaches are not just something business moguls and world leaders need to worry about. Lawyers have a special need to guarantee their clients’ privacy both ethically and legally. They need phones that can deliver security.

These are features found in the most secure phones on the market.

Difference-Making Encryption

There’s a huge distinction between products that have “end-to-end” encryption in transit and those that also protect data at rest. Phones with military-grade end-to-end encryption and tamper-proofing.

It takes years to develop a trustworthy reputation, and this can all be undone in a matter of minutes if a hacker manages to bypass the encryption on your device. That’s why lawyers need to make encrypted phone calls using the world’s most trustworthy device with proven encryption.

Secondary Security Features

Protecting phones from hacks is crucial, but there are also other ways to obtain sensitive data. What if a thief gets possession of the phone itself? Even then, phones designed from the ground up for security can keep you protected.

Lawyers need basic features like a notebook lock screen with a custom pin. When a lawyer wants to send a client a sensitive message or picture, they can set it to self-destruct, ensuring it can’t be saved or forwarded even if favorited.

Any such content will be destroyed at the scheduled time on both devices, with or without a data connection. Having tight control over sensitive data helps lawyers protect clients and their firms.

If a lawyer’s phone is lost or stolen and someone tries to unlock the phone, the sensitive information on it can still be kept safe with a remote wipe feature; ensuring data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.

Easy to Use

It used to be that phones were either secure or easy to use, but not both. The best-encrypted phones today are easy to use and serve as a full productivity suite perfect for fast-paced professions. Lawyers need digital privacy, but not at the expense of failing to keep up with the demands of business.

Compatible in Multiple Languages

For lawyers who engage with multilingual clients they need technology with translation features. Look for a device that works in the most popular languages in the world including English, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian and more.

Lawyers need to keep their cards close to their chest. Leaked details can compromise a case, ruin their reputation and have significant financial consequences. To steer clear of these disasters, look for a phone with all the above features.



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