League Of Legends: The Worst Champions For Arena

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League Of Legends

In the exciting new Arena game mode of League of Legends, each team is reduced to just two players, making the impact of every player and champion more significant than ever before. While some champions shine in the fast-paced action of the Arena, others struggle to find success due to various reasons. Let’s take a closer look at the worst Arena champions to avoid if you’re aiming to climb the ranks in this thrilling 2v2v2v2 mode.

League of Legends

  1. Evelynn: In a regular game on Summoner’s Rift, Evelynn thrives on her invisibility, allowing her to surprise enemies all over the vast map. However, in the confined spaces of the Arena, her invisibility is less effective, leaving her duo partner vulnerable to a 1v2 situation. Additionally, Evelynn’s skill set is more suited to isolating and eliminating squishy targets, making her struggle against bruisers and tanks common in 2v2 battles.
  2. Akshan: The new Arena mode diminishes the power of some of the strongest abilities, and unfortunately, Akshan’s kit is affected significantly. His Avengerang lacks minions to extend its reach, limiting its effectiveness. Furthermore, his passive ability to revive an ally is less impactful in a 2v2 setting, as they return with reduced health. His stealth and ultimate also face challenges in finding opportunities to be utilized effectively.
  3. Sion: While double tank combos can be formidable in Arena, Sion doesn’t fare as well. His passive, which allows him to return as a zombie after death, may not be triggered if his ally is defeated first. Moreover, the lack of minions in the Arena restricts his ability to slow enemies with his ‘E’ ability, and opponents can more easily dodge his ‘Q’ knockup.
  4. Katarina: Known for her roaming and reset-oriented kit, Katarina excels against teams of five. However, in the Arena, she cannot roam to other lanes, and her massive AOE damage becomes less impactful in smaller team fights. As an assassin, she struggles against tankier opponents that dominate the Arena, making her one of the weakest choices for this mode.
  5. Rammus: While speed-based champions can still perform well in the Arena, Rammus’s speed-oriented playstyle is more focused on reaching fights, which is less relevant in the small Arena map. Additionally, Rammus’s damage output is relatively low, and he may face mixed damage compositions that limit his effectiveness.
  6. Blitzcrank: Despite being dreaded for his hooks in regular matches, Blitzcrank’s threat diminishes in the Arena. Most champions in the mode actively seek close-range combat, making Blitzcrank’s hooks potentially beneficial to his opponents. Furthermore, after using his hook, he lacks significant DPS and tankiness, with limited sustain and mobility to contribute meaningfully.
  7. Bard: Though a beloved and fun champion to play, Bard struggles in 2v2 combat rounds of the Arena. While Bard’s roaming and creating number advantages work well on Summoner’s Rift, they are less effective in the Arena setting. His ultimate, while potentially creating a temporary 2v1 situation, isn’t as impactful in the fast-paced Arena battles.

League of Legends

Remember, while these champions may be weaker in the Arena mode, don’t hesitate to play them for fun and casual matches. However, if you’re aiming to climb and succeed in this intense 2v2v2v2 mode, it’s best to avoid these particular champions. Good luck and may your skills lead you to victory in the League of Legends Arena!

League of Legends is available on PC and Mac, providing players with endless possibilities for thrilling gameplay experiences.

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