Leaked Photos Revealed The Logitech’s New Handheld Gaming Console

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Logitech's New Handheld Gaming Console

Logitech G announced a few weeks back, that it was teaming up with Tencent to work on a game streaming handheld called the Logitech G Gaming Handheld. Thanks to leaked photos, we now know what the handheld and its UI will look like.

The three images that found their way to Evan Blass’ Twitter account were swiftly DMCA’ed by Logitech G . The speed at which Logitech G responded gives me a feeling these images are the real deal.

They show a cute white handheld with black and key lime green accents. It looks smaller and more ergonomically friendly than the Steam Deck—it reminds me a bit of the WiiU gamepad.

One of the leaked screenshots includes the UI, with icons for some of the apps available from the Google Play Store such as Steam Remote Play, Nvidia GeForce Now, Google Chrome, Youtube, and Xbox. Logitech G has already said that the gadget will support numerous cloud gaming services. At least now we have an idea of which services they are.

Logitech G has yet to disclose what operating system G Gaming will run, but seeing the Google Play Store prominently in one of the images tells us it’s most likely an Android device. An Android gaming handheld is a bit of a departure from all the recent Steam Deck rivals we’ve seen that run off a version of Linux or Windows.

Android phones and tablets already make decent game streaming devices, so it’ll be intriguing to see if people will hop on board. Once we get to know its CPU and GPU specs, we’ll be able to tell if Logitech’s handheld will be a decent emulation device, or limited to streaming games. What type of display it has, how long the battery will work, and how much it will cost in the end.

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