LEAP Invites Gamers To Join The Closed Beta

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Get yourself an exosuit, grab your hoverboard, choose your weapon, and head on out to the battlefield! Indie team Blue Isle Studios is officially asking players to sign up for the closed beta test they are about to have for their upcoming first-person shooter game LEAP. The closed beta begins on January 19th, so if you want to play the game, head over to the website and sign-up.

In this team-based, aerial firefight-focused game, players will choose their employer – the United Earth Defense Coalition or the Exo-Terrans – and jump into 60-player battles to obliterate the competition and grab killer contract bonuses. During the closed beta, players won’t just be getting their first experience with the game’s combat and mechanics, they will also know about the military-grade exosuit piloting protocols and some occupational hazards.

LEAP is preparing to come to Steam’s Early Access later this year, but this closed beta will be the initial real experience with the game itself. If you are preparing to try the game out, don’t forget to also join their discord to team up with other players and talk about the game further.

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